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Got questions?  Great, we’ve got answers.  🙂  We’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions here for your convenience.  If your question is not answered in our FAQs, feel free to reach out through email any time. We respond to email within 24 business hours and our team is available from 9AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday.


For billing related support, most clients can easily handle their own billing needs by visiting our easy-to-use billing portal. To see your billing history, download receipts, update your card on file, manage your subscription, and more, visit our billing portal at: 

To log into the portal, simply enter the email address you have on file with us and it will email you a link to log into the billing portal.

The primary service we offer is sales growth for our clients.  To accomplish that, we employ numerous systems, services, processes, and technologies, including, but not limited to:

  • Lead Generation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Sales Automation
  • Copywriting
  • Content Writing
  • SEO
  • Funnel Development
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Cold Email Outreach
  • Social Media Management

Every business is unique and has different needs, so no two growth solutions are exactly alike.  Some companies are doing well on paid ads, but need help with email marketing.  Some are doing well with SEO, but need help on paid advertising.  Providing fully customized growth solutions means we do not have a single service or package that we offer.

However, we can say that we have a wide range of services available to fit EVERY budget.  Additionally, we guarantee you won't find our same solution anywhere else for less.  As such, we provide free consulting services to determine what your needs are and which of our services best fit your needs and your budget.  Contact us today for a free, no obligation analysis of how we can help you grow as well.

We we load data into the growth platform we build for you, that "data" is not considered a list of leads.  We only consider a record a "lead" once they have expressed interest in one way or another.  For example, if a record that we send an email to replies and asks for more information, that is now a lead.  If they book a call, that is now a lead.  We only target data of prospects who mirror your Ideal Customer Profile, targeting decision-makers on your behalf.  As such, when they express interest in your services/products they are a qualified lead.  We cannot say whether they will sign up or make a purchase from you today or tomorrow, but they are vetted to the point when you can talk shop with them.

Our holistic, ground-up approach to building growth solutions for our clients allows us to customize our services and technology for almost any business or industry.  We find our services most useful for businesses providing products or services for other businesses (B2B), but we work with businesses of all types, including many direct to consumer brands. 

Industries we work with most often include:

  • Agencies (Advertising, design, media production, etc.)
  • Financial Services (Insurance, accounting, merchant processing, etc.)
  • IT & Development
  • SaaS
  • E-Learning
  • Manufacturing
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Energy
  • Security
  • Facility Services
  • Construction
  • Staffing
  • And more...

A common question we hear is, "If you build all of this for us, who owns this system, our company or your company?"  That's a great question.  Ultimately you, our client, owns everything from funnels, and product pages we build, to software buildouts and accounts we open.  You own any sales pages we develop, any CRM customizations we build, all email sequences, leads, data records, and more.  What LeadEngineLabs owns is the intellectual property associated with building out these systems, tools, and best practices. We own our processes, team, vendor relationships, and our own content and intellectual property, but pretty much everything we develop on behalf of our clients is owned by our clients, by default. 

We have access to hundreds of open data sources like LinkedIn, Google, D&B, etc. that we use feed our database.  We then verify each data point with our verification technology to ensure clean and usable/relevant data. Our unique processes and approaches allow us to ensure our processes are using real, live/active, and up to date data that matches your target Client Profile.

Every client of ours receives a unique, customized growth solution.  Some implementations are very simple and fast and some are much more involved, phased implementations.  Typically, as soon as our clients approve of the customized proposal we provide them, we then schedule a quick and efficient onboarding process that coordinates the teams and tasks needed to go live.  Depending on client availability for the onboarding process, we can typically have new systems live within 2 - 4 weeks of proposal sign-off.

With the right support from our clients, we can have full solution build-outs done in as little as 2-3 weeks.  Once the system is live, it begins generating leads and appointments very quickly.  We generally see new leads and appointments start very soon after that first 2 - 4 week implementation period, then continue to ramp up as we analyze and monitor performance and continue to dial everything in.  We also find that companies with long sales cycles or expensive products and services often take longer for the leads, appointments, and sales pipelines to build up, but then once they do the pipeline produces consistently and steadily for years to come. 

At LeadEngineLabs we build solutions that create leads and appointments for your sales team.  If you need help working those leads efficiently, we can provide appointment setters that help as well, but ultimately you're still handling your own sales presentations and follow ups.  We are always happy to help with dialing in the sales process, but as we do not take sales calls on your behalf our value comes from helping identify and understand common objections and how to modify the sales funnel and outreach efforts to try to diminish those objections. 

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