No more "spray and pray" marketing, only pay for...

Stop paying for "impressions and clicks" that don't convert!

With Performance Advantage Network (PAN), you pay for performance, not "impressions"!  

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Eliminate The Risk

Guaranteed Results

Paid advertising can be both complicated and expensive. Why not let someone else handle all of that and only pay when you get what you want, a lead or a sale.

Unparalleled Results

Performance Advantage Network's Incredible Benefits.

Ultimately, you don't want impressions, clicks, or shares, you want results. With Performance Advantage Network (PAN), you pay for performance, not participation.

No Charge For Clicks & Views
Unlike traditional advertising, you're not paying for clicks, views, or impressions, only results.
Traffic Diversification
No more depending on 1 or 2 traffic sources. PAN creates dozens, even hundreds of marketing channels.
Safe From "The Algorithm"
No more worrying about changing algorithms or increased competition raising costs.
Network With Top Marketers
Collaborating with dozens of talented marketers means you're not on your own any longer.
PAN is a global network of marketers, looking for offers like yours.
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With PAN, you're connecting with tens of thousands of the world's top marketers. Paid advertisers, email marketers, social media influencers, and more. They're all connected to you through our network and we vet each one, making sure their traffic is a fit for your offer.

Full Solution

Everything you need in one place.

Beyond traffic, beyond technology, PAN provides EVERYTHING you need to succeed.

  • Offer Review/Improvement
  • Sales Flow Setup/Automation
  • Publisher Network
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Merchant Processing
  • CRM Setup & Integration
  • And more...

How We Compare

Performance Advantage Network
100% Target Action Based
High - Results Paid Only
Fixed + Variable
Broad (Keywords)
Long-Term Potential
Paid Advertising
PPC, PPV, Variable
Broad (Demographic)
Variable to Low
Traditional Influencer Marketing
Variable, Often Up-Front
High Targeting Potential
Mixed & Unpredictable
Paradigm Shift

Revolutionary Approach to Marketing

Derived from the concept of 'pay-for-performance', our Performance Advantage Network is not just another ad network. Instead, it revolutionizes the way businesses view, measure, and pay for their promotional endeavors. In essence, this network prioritizes actions, results, and outcomes over mere "effort and intent".

Top Talent
Decades of marketing, advertising, and technology experience.
Fast Launch Times
Depending on your offer and systems, we can launch in as little as 30 days.
Full-Service Solution
Everything required to drive results in a single service offering.
Market Insulation
Diversification in traffic sources offers protection from market fluctuations.
Connected to Your Platform
Our tools and tech integrate with your existing infrastructure.
Worldwide Network
Tap into talent anywhere in the world through the PAN network.

You might be a candidate for Performance Advantage Network, if:

You're an established business doing high-volume sales.
You have a current ad budget of >$50K/mo.
You have a well-established sales process and/or back-end sales.
You're tired of fighting Facebook, Google, etc.
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